We are continually monitoring and improving our policies and environmentally friendly processes to become more sustainable and encourage the businesses we work with to follow in our footsteps and reduce their carbon footprint where possible. Our policy for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) helps us to comply with laws, ethical standards and international norms.

We embrace our responsibilities and the impact our activities have on the environment. We also aim to promote public awareness of environmental issues and encourage the growth of a community that voluntarily cares for the environment.

We are fully aware that large-scale events such as festivals can produce a lot of waste which is why Ideal Facilities Management will consider the following when working with Festival Organisers:

  • Allowing use of only biodegradable disposables or re-usable cups and plates on stalls
  • Providing separate bins for recycling
  • Utilising volunteers and potential sponsorship for the clean-up and sorting efforts
  • Separating waste for recycling at the event and also at our MRF’s around the country
  • Involving the crowd by supplying recycling bin bags and either a returnable rubbish tax or reward incentives
  • Providing standard, recycling and biodegradable bin bags for traders
  • Create sculptures using waste generated on-site (e.g. plastic bottles)
  • Consider health, safety and hygiene
  • Being aware of legislation and being prepared

Our environmentally conscious processes are not just limited to large-scale events and festivals. When providing waste management services to our clients we ensure that all collected waste is returned to the Materials Recycling Facility, where recyclables such as glass, plastic and paper are separated.

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