Site Cleansing

We all know that campsites can get a little bit messy, but if you work with the right cleaning partner this can be kept under control.

Keeping the site clean at a festival can prove challenging – but we love a challenge! We have over a decade of experience under our belts and have worked at some of the largest festivals in the UK for festival and site cleaning, making us well equipped for the job.

Thanks to the partnerships we have formed over the years we have extended our services so that they are not just limited to site cleaning but to the management of facilities.

Our goal is to work closely with you so that every stage of our involvement with the festival is planned out. Our services do not just include Litter Picking and, Pre & Post Event Cleaning, we can provide a 24-hour cleaning provision for the festival as well as the following services:

  • Waste disposal and management
  • On-site help-desk
  • Full on-site management
  • Major plant and trained operatives in clearing extremely large sites
  • Washroom and shower facilities
  • Provision of washroom attendants
  • Campsite cleaning and maintenance

Our goal is to keep the campsite and facilities clean so that the festival-goers can enjoy their time at the festival. We will ensure that all rubbish and waste is disposed of safely and recycled where possible, ensuring that we do not interfere with campers and also comply with environmental performance standards set by the government regulatory bodies.

“Ideal understood the gravity of the task at hand by ensuring to gain as much information as possible from not only Manchester Pride staff but other stakeholders on the site too. They took the initiative to arrange meetings and visits with key venues around The Village. This went a long way to putting people’s mind at ease before they undertook the task in the first year. There’s been a great amount of positive feedback in relation to the cleansing of the streets.”

- Kieran Bussoopun Events Manager, Manchester Pride
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