From large multi-use building complexes to schools, social housing and healthcare establishments, we provide deep cleans for organisations of all shapes and sizes.


We work with property developers, housing associations, contractors, designers and architects to provide a professional construction cleaning service.

Disinfection & Virus

Our expertise is coronavirus prevention and the prevention of other viral respiratory illnesses in workplace settings. This includes all types of services, from office cleaning & commercial cleaning [...]


There are numerous contact points within a high traffic building such as a school. Staff, students and visitors are interacting with the various surfaces located within a school every minute of the da [...]


We can work with Hospitals, Dental Clinics, GP surgeries and Cosmetic Clinics throughout the UK to make sure that surfaces, equipment and furniture are kept clean and germ-free.


Clean and hygienic surroundings are paramount to the physical and mental health of your staff. A happy and safe working environment will prevent both illnesses and accidents within the workplace.


Our team will work with you to provide a commercial cleaning solution that best fits your needs – we offer a premium service for a fair price which is crucial within leisure centres that are often w [...]


With regular sanitation of the environment, the chances of your employees falling ill and catching viruses from unclean surfaces and equipment is drastically reduced. In the current climate, it’s mo [...]

Social Housing

The end of lease cleaning can be a time-consuming and stressful process when professional cleaning experts are not used. We will work with you to fulfil the needs of all parties involved are met.

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