Toilets, Showers & Washrooms

Whether you are running a small event or a large-scale event it’s crucial that there are adequate facilities available for both staff and guests to uphold their cleanliness and hygiene.


It is important that where necessary, there is full access available to a clean toilet, shower and washroom facilities. That’s why as well as providing commercial cleaning services, Ideal can provide permanent or temporary portable toilets, washrooms and shower facilities for Festivals, trade shows, concerts or any event where needed.

Depending on what your specific requirement is, we offer a variety of washroom buildings. Our showers and changing rooms are fitted out with full-flushing toilets, hot and cold running water and high-quality sinks, taps and showers.

Portable toilet hire
Portable toilets prove advantageous to promoters and organisers who are holding events due to their convenience, versatility, ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Ideal recognise this need and offer Portaloo portable buildings for hire for as long as you need them. Your toilet, shower or changing room building will be delivered to you fully plumbed in and ready for immediate connection to water, waste and energy services.

Whether you choose to hire a portable toilet, shower, changing room facilities or a combination, Ideal will provide support from our specialist engineers. This is so that if any unforeseen issues occur, your building continues to deliver optimum performance throughout your hire period. We can even provide a consumables refill service to keep your liquid soap, hand towels and other essentials replenished.

Being the experts in sanitisation and hygiene makes us well equipped to deliver the right facilities to your event, whether this is toilets, showers, washrooms or all hygiene facilities.

We are one of the best Portable Facilities Management companies in the North West, not only delivering you the facilities but also making sure that they continue to serve their purpose effectively and are kept clean and sanitised.

“I initially Choose Ideal because I knew I would get the quality I was looking for however, I was totally amazed just how phenomenal the festival looked with there input. I enthusiastically recommend Ideal to anyone looking for an exceptional job done on all aspects of cleansing, they consistently deliver.”

- Jon Drape Director of Engine No 4
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