Waste Management

Here at Ideal, festival/event cleaning and waste management come hand in hand. We are able to work with our partners to collect and recycle waste from commercial companies in the North West and wider UK.

Due to the wide range of industries we work with mainly; Festival, Construction, Finance, Industrial, Healthcare and Government, we understand the importance of reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the environment as much as possible. The impact that deposing of large amounts of waste can have on the environment is vast, which is why we have developed the best practices for our business activities with an aim to be more environmentally friendly.

Festivals can produce a lot of waste and most are now implementing some form of environmentally aware waste management scheme. At Ideal we lead the way within this field, working closely with Festival organisers to consider best practises such as involving the crowd by supplying recycling bin bags and providing reward incentives.

Environmentally friendly waste management procedures are not just applicable to Festivals, which is why we have robust systems in place designed to ensure that we fulfil our duty of care towards the environment and comply with environmental performance standards set by the government regulatory bodies.


How do we dispose of the waste?
Working closely with our partners who have over 20 years of experience in Waste Removal, we provide waste management services to a wide variety of commercial premises from corner shops to multinational organisations. Working closely alongside our partners we collect general non-hazardous waste in a variety of ways from sacks to wheelie bins through to FEL and RORO containers. Mixed municipal waste, or general waste, contains a large proportion of recyclable materials. All waste collected is returned to the Materials Recycling Facility, where through a mechanical and manual process recyclables such as wood, plastic, cardboard, paper, metals, and glass are separated.

Ideal can also provide a collection service for any organisation that separates and bales recyclable materials including cardboard bales and plastic bales. For those companies who separate their waste but only have a small quantity, we offer a bag delivery and collection service and can collect on an ad hoc or planned basis.

“From the outset, the Manchester Pride team were impressed with the determination that Ideal took on the project. They were keen to work with us and learn as much about the event beforehand to enable them to draw up their plans. Over the Big Weekend, the whole Ideal team did a fantastic job. It was clear that they had understood the brief and had listened to particular requests in terms of key times and areas that needed to be addressed. Additionally, they were quick to react and adapt to any problems that did arise or any suggestions that were made.”

- Michael Lever Events Manager, Manchester Pride
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