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Why regular school cleaning is essential

As I’m sure you will know if you are reading this in the UK, we are in another national lockdown. Although most children are working from home, those who live with key workers are still in the classroom. Consequently, this means staff are also in schools looking after these children and continuing to give them their key education.

There are new rules in place within the schools to ensure social distancing standards are kept. This is great and will help prevent spread, however, it doesn’t the spread of germs contaminating surfaces once they land on them.

Not so fun facts…

Did you know that one cough or sneeze can send 100,000 contagious germs into the air at speeds of 100mph? Imagine what 30 sneezes in one classroom can do? Therefore, it is vital and crucial that deep cleans are carried out daily, as germs can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours. We also know that germs spread from one person to another and with the classrooms only having so much space, it is more likely for it to happen.

This is why children, as lovely and wonderful as they are, are also key spreaders of germ whilst having no symptoms themselves or only very mild, they can pass their germs unknowingly to their elders who could be vulnerable and suffering from pre-existing health conditions. We’re now all aware of how potentially dangerous this can be to some people, so we’ve all been doing our part to keep our loved ones safe which has been so difficult at the same time.

How have we helped?

During this hard time, we must not let our standards slip, not after all the hard work WE as a community and nation have together achieved. It is us who have looked after one another, helping with supplies, food, cleaning, deliveries and so many more. As part of this pandemic, iDEAL FM has been providing commercial cleaning services to schools in the North West to help them keep their staff and children safe. We have fully trained staff and the correct equipment to carry out deep cleans that sanitise every touchpoint. Our fully effective deep cleans include deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, surface cleaning, and touch-point cleaning.

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Deep cleaning is not something new to us – we have been deep cleaning schools, community centres, offices, and gyms even before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. You can trust us to deliver a top-quality and thorough deep cleaning service. We are based in the North West but able to travel – give us a call on 01925 599202 or fill out our cleaning form to get started! You can also visit our school cleaning services page for more information.


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