Cleaning Supplies

No matter the size of your event, building as your cleaning supplies partner, we will ensure that you have the necessary products to guarantee hygiene and comfort for your guests.

It is imperative that events have sufficient supplies at hand to ensure a hygienic and clean experience for their guests. This is why, here at Ideal, we partner with high quality product partners such as; Aardvark, Hygenique and Shorrock Trichem, to provide our clients with industry leading supplies to further guarantee cleanliness at their events. 

We do not work with a cookie cutter approach. Depending on our clients’ requirements, we offer a variety of cleaning services and products to match events and facilities of all kinds. We are a proactive partner and truly understand that no two events are the same and thus adopt a flexible approach to the provision of these services.

We provide these cleaning supply services to a wide range of organisations and events. This includes, but is most certainly not limited to; festivals, schools and offices of varying sizes. We deliver directly to our clients and thanks to our fantastic relationship with our product partners, we tend to undercut traditional retail prices for required products, rather significantly. 

We are also proud to provide menstrual hygiene services for our clients and we work hard to ensure that such provision is undertaken at an incredibly professional level. This includes facilitating sanitary bins and relevant hygiene products to ensure comfort for our clients’ guests and the general users/occupants of our clients’ buildings. In addition to this, with our partner, Shorrock Trichem, we provide discreet menstrual hygiene solutions, with users disposing of such products, discreetly, on site.

“I initially Choose Ideal because I knew I would get the quality I was looking for however, I was totally amazed just how phenomenal the festival looked with there input. I enthusiastically recommend Ideal to anyone looking for an exceptional job done on all aspects of cleansing, they consistently deliver.”

- Jon Drape Director of Engine No 4
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