Here at iDEAL FM, we deeply care about hygiene and cleanliness in the community. We’ve recently been offering consultancy advice to cleaning teams in schools. There are plenty of clean schools in the UK, but unfortunately, we’re in the midst of a pandemic and It shouldn’t take an investigation to reveal an issue in cleanliness. The majority of the time, cleanliness is related to the cleaning team that has been hired for the school. This is not setting a good example to the children and visitors, which is why we want to offer our support and services to cleaning staff and ensure they are using the right products and cleaning all touch-points and surfaces thoroughly.

Here’s how we can help…


Cleaning Schedule

To assist in ensuring that your premise is maintained to the highest level of cleanliness all the time, we can advise on or provide a cleaning schedule to ensure every inch has been covered.

Cleaning Product Advice

Recommendation’s in what cleaning products are the best at removing bacteria, did you know that some disinfectants last on the chosen surface for a few days?
 We will give you a list of the best products on the market and we’re always ready to answer any queries you have.

Specific Covid Cleaning Advice

We can advise as to which disinfectant products are the most effective/how to clean successfully whilst reducing any risks.

Caretaker Management For Staff

Supervising cleaning staff, whilst being attentive and responding to situations in a timely manner.


These can clean up the employee time tracking process to save your business money, improve efficiency and eliminate timekeeping errors.

Best Practice With H&S & Policies 

For example, ensuring cleaning cupboards are locked/stored correctly.

How can we help?

Overall, we want to support your own cleaners so they’re working in a more structured manner, whilst following their best practices. If you’re interested or want to find out more, please visit our school cleaning page and fill out the short contact form – one of our team will be in touch!

A picture from one of our School Cleaning jobs 

Commercial Cleaning Warrington and Coronavirus infection control cleaning for schools in Warrington


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