Benefits of keeping your school clean

In our last post we spoke about our school cleaning services to ensure the safety of your children and staff throughout the Pandemic. We understand why deep cleaning is vital in helping to tackle and combat COVID-19, however there are more benefits to a clean school than just keeping it safe from COVID. Below is a list of other factors to as to why you should consider keeping your school and workspaces clean on a regular basis.

  1. Improves productivity

Teachers have such a hard job, particularly at this current time as well as having to worry about keeping children safe from viruses they have to plan lessons, grade work and give one to one support to pupils. This means they have very little time to themselves let alone to clean up. When faced with the additional task of cleaning up after every class, it can create anxiety and pressure, making them feel as though they have very little time for themselves. With a commercial cleaning company taking care of this for them they have more time to focus on the lessons and pupils, resulting in more productivity and reducing their risk of stress.

  1. A cleaner environment can result in higher grades and better learning

According to students will achieve higher grades in a clean environment and graduation rates for clean schools tend to be higher than schools that are unkempt. We know ourselves that when our homes and workspaces are clean we often feel more relaxed and inclined to work. This goes for children to, when things are cluttered, unclean and untidy it can shift their focus away from what is being taught. carried out a study which shown:

About 88 percent of the 1,481 students polled reported a lack of cleanliness becomes a distraction at APPA Level 3 – casual inattention – and Level 4 – moderate dinginess. Roughly 84 percent reported they desire APPA Level 1 – orderly spotlessness – or Level 2 – ordinary tidiness – standards of cleanliness to create a positive learning environment.

Cleanliness ranked as the fourth most important building element to impact students’ personal learning. The top three building elements were noise, air temperature and lighting.


  1. Less sick days across pupils and staff

With hundreds of children entering your school each day, the spread of germs and viruses is inevitable. However, it can be significantly reduced if the school is cleaned each day with in return results in less sick days. High attendance will be seen alongside better performance and grades from pupils, teachers will also be healthier and safer. Ensuring the school is sanitised and disinfected through deep cleaning will help everybody involved within the school.

In 2021, as schools are set to reopen from January, we would like to provide our school cleaning services which includes virus and deep cleaning fogging, sanitisation and more to schools and educational buildings across Warrington, the North West and the UK. Together we can help to tackle this virus once and for all.


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