With lockdown restrictions coming to an end in the next few weeks, it’s vital we continue our efforts to keep hygiene standards at a high level. Businesses and offices will be opening back up, as some already are to only a few employees. At IDEAL FM we would like to offer our services to those who need a flexible cleaning company that is able to obtain the highest level of cleanliness and work around their hours. We specialise in deep cleans which includes virus cleaning and fogging through santising all touch points of your premises. Our office cleaning services are available to clients across Warrington, Cheshire, Manchester and the North West. In this post we’ve answered a couple of queries people may be having at the moment around offices reopening and what a cleaning company can do for them.

Will everyone have to go back to the office?

Office Cleaning services in Warrington and the North West from Ideal FM

It’s still unclear what offices are allowed to do after the 21st of June, whether they will be allowed to have full capacity or will they remain half full and allow some staff to work from home? That will be answered by our Government come the 21st of June but until then we can only wait and see. Whether an office is running at full capacity or not, the hygiene of those employees present needs to be up held. There are things we can do as individuals to try and stop the virus from spreading including the Governments guidelines of ‘hands, space, face’. We can also try and keep as many things sanitised by using bacterial wipes and santising products but after a long day of working it’s unfair to ask employees to help and clean the office. With an office cleaning company, you’ll have everything taken care of so you and your staff can focus properly without the worry of germs and catching COVID.

Can a cleaning company stop staff from catching COVID-19?

office cleaning in warrington

Not entirely as staff will come into contact with other people who may have the virus which we have no control over. However, we can leave your business as infection-free as possible by using the highest grade of industrial products to eliminate bacteria and germs and we can use our fogging service to sanitise rather than for pest control. This has proven to be successful and many people who had a fogging business have turned to the cleaning side to offer their help in the Pandemic. Although we cannot guarantee you won’t catch a virus, with high maintained of daily office cleaning, we will certainly reduce the risk.

Why you should choose our office cleaning services

  • We’re able to tailor our services to meet your needs
  • We have flexible hours that work around your own
  • We have a fully trained team of professional cleaners who ensure our standards and your own are always met.
  • High grade industrial cleaning products are used
  • Deep cleans, virus cleans and fogging
  • We’re mobile and can provide cleaning services to those across the North West
  • We’re a reputable company with outstanding reviews
  • We work with large companies to small – no job is to complex for us
  • Touch-point cleaning, sanitising all areas such as floors, surfaces, equipment, door handles, sinks, kitchens, toilets etc.
  • We adhere to safety procedures and wear suitable PPE.
  • Over 15 years of industry experience

If you need an office cleaning company, please speak to us today and get a free quote. We can give you more information on our office cleaning services and how we can tailor them to your office needs.


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