Crowd Barriers

As well as ensuring that events are kept clean and sanitised, it is crucial that the correct safety procedures in place for the benefit of both the employers that will be working at the event and also the guests attending. Due to our experience working with organisers and promoters as their preferred commercial cleaning company, we have recognised the importance of security and are able to provide safety measures such as crowd barriers through working with trusted partners.

The crowd barriers act as a physical barricade that separates the audience from the acts and also decreases the chance of people pushing and falling. These barriers are mainly used at large-scale events such as Festivals, concerts, parades or sporting events.

Although their main purpose is for safety measures, crowd barriers can also be used to:

  • Maximise event capacity
  • Crowd control
  • Section off areas of the event
  • Create pathways and ques

Why Use Ideal Facilities Management?

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