Cash Machines for Events

Cash Machine is another term for Automated Teller Machine, better known as ATMs. As well as being located both inside and outside banks, ATMs are often present at corner shops, supermarkets, concerts, sporting events, leisure centres, tradeshows and festivals. 

At Ideal Facilities Management we are able to provide a full range of services that we know will be key to running a successful, which is why as well as offering Commercial Cleaning, Washroom Facilities, Waste Management and Security we are able to provide cash machines to commercial businesses in the UK.

Well-placed facilities such as cash machine on site are absolutely key in adding to the full festival experience. Your customers need quick, easy and convenient access to a cash machine in order to make quick cash withdrawals and continue enjoying their festival experience or event. A lot of stallholders do not accept card payments, so the lack of ATMs can make it hard for festival or concert guests to enjoy the full experience. 

As well as being an ideal way for visitors and staff to make cash withdrawals from their bank, cash-machines can, unfortunately, be a hotspot for germs which is why we also offer a cash machine cleaning service. 

Why Use Ideal Facilities Management: 

  • Tailored – We offer services that are personalised to your business/event needs
  • Value for money – We deliver a premium service at a fair price
  • Experienced – With 15+ years of experience in the industry, we know to plan meticulously and to expect the unexpected!
  • Trusted – We have worked with big names within the industry and are the trusted cleaning and facilities management partners of many in the UK

If you are planning an event or are a business owner seeking cash machines or cash machine cleaning then please get in touch with Ideal Facilities Management using our short contact form.

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