Event Cleaning

Our event cleaning services cater for a range of different industries & we’ve worked with some of the most well-known events and festivals in the UK. Ideal FM provides event cleaning and waste management services to events around the country including Kendal CallingParklife, Manchester Pride, Neighbourhood Weekender, Warehouse Project, Ear to the Ground, Jodrell Bank and Ground Control to name a few.  

Whether you require pre-event, post-event or 24-hour site cleansing, we have the experience. In the past we’ve provided event cleaning services for large-scale events hosting over 200,000 people. We’re able to provide on-site crowd management, on-site help-desk, portaloo hire, waste disposal and management and litter picking. We can even provide major plant and trained operatives when cleaning extremely large sites. There is no job too big for our team.

Festival Cleaning

Festival Cleaning requires meticulous planning. It also requires staff who are experienced and trained to follow safe practices to protect the public during cleaning operations. There are many factors to consider, including the negative impact that can be had on both the environment and the public if waste is not disposed of correctly. Ideal Facilities Management will make sure that high levels of hygiene and sanitisation are adhered to and that the right staff are confident in delivering a well-executed plan.  


Whether you require pre-event cleaning, cleaning during the tradeshow, post-cleaning or the full package, Ideal Facilities Management has the team and expertise in place to deliver a premium service at a fair price. We have experience in Tradeshow events that are visited by over 100,000 people. This means you can be confident in our ability to get the job done. Our cleaning contracts with Tradeshows range from small, one-day shows, to large, week-long trading events.

Sporting Events

Whether it’s the main arena, back of house, public areas or the corporate and VIP hospitality facilities, we have the ability and experience to deal with even the most challenging situations. Ideal Facilities Management have experience in providing cleaning services to major sporting venues and events across the UK. This includes racecourses, motorsport, golf, tennis and many more.

Major Sporting Events result in high volume and demand. Our experienced team is used to dealing with crowds of between 5,000 and 200,000 persons attending in any one day.

Concerts & Night Clubs

From our experience working with organisers and promoters, we know just how important it is for guests to arrive at a clean venue and for the space to be fully cleaned after the event. If you choose to engage with Ideal Facilities Management for event cleaning services you can feel confident knowing that this process is left in the right hands! At very short notice we are able to supply between 2 and 50 cleaners who specialise in cleaning services related to Night Clubs.

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