Hygiene is the number one priority for all businesses during the current pandemic. That’s why we specialise in deep cleaning all type’s of spaces from industrial, office, gyms, clinics and hotel rooms to vehicles and warehouses.


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Deep cleaning in Warrington, the North West and wider UK

At Ideal Facilities Management our deep cleaning, fogging and Coronavirus infection control services are available for a wide range of buildings and businesses. This includes but is not limited to: gyms, studios, offices, factories and schools. Our deep cleaning service, available throughout Warrington, the North West and the wider UK areas will eliminate germs. Whether you have had a confirmed case of COVID-19 or are looking for cleaning services as a preventative/precautionary measure, our full deep clean service is here to help.

Our fogging can tackle any pests you have whether it’s in the home or the workplace, followed by a thorough clean to ensure there’s no nasty surprises left or harsh chemicals. It’s vital at this crucial time that we keep our environment’s sanitised and safe for everyone, hire a team of professionals to carry out the job efficiently.

  • Deep Cleaning 
  • Touch-point cleaning
  • Fogging 

Our cleaning products

We use a range of specialist products which are fully tested to British Standards BS EN 1276 & BS EN 1650. The products that we use are highly effective, killing  99.9999% of viruses.

X-Mist is one of the products which we use to sanitise your premises. This destroys bacteria and pathogens that can last on surfaces and cause illness when left to linger and spread. This revolutionary product kills germs that are responsible for cold and flus and is even able to reach difficult spaces such as steam rooms.

A professional cleaning service from iDeal FM will lead to germ elimination and a healthier environment. You’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind for you and your staff when you reopen.  Receive a no obligation quote by filling out our short quotation form today.


Virus Cleaning Service

Those who are infected can easily spread viruses and germs via droplets when talking, coughing or sneezing. They’re impossible to see but highly contagious. These droplets can be breathed in when you’re in close contact with the infected person without you even noticing. In addition, illnesses can be transmitted if you or someone else even touches a surface which has been contaminated (and you then touch your eyes or mouth).

A highly effective preventative measure is to ensure the environment has a high level of sanitation. This eliminates the risk of the virus spreading and decontaminates your business. Depending on the level of deep cleaning that you require, Ideal Facilities Management can provide: