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At Ideal Facilities Management we provide flexible contract cleaning services to suit your ever-changing needs and requirements. We pride ourselves in delivering a high-quality and efficient deep cleaning service which has led us to become a preferred supplier to many of the UK’s most prominent names in both high street hospitality and destination hospitality. Maintaining these partnerships has largely been as a result of our client centric management approach as well as the high standards of cleaning we adhere to.

Our professional cleaning team are trained to a high level and follow a strict code of conduct which means that we can deliver the same level of premium service and attention to detail every time, no matter where or what the cleaning requirement is. This attention to detail and quality specialist cleaning as well as our competitive pricing structure means that we deliver real value for money, making us the preferred contract cleaning partner for companies in the North West.

The advantages of using Ideal Facilities Management as your chosen contract cleaners is that we have over a decade of experience in deep cleaning provision, which means that we are fully aware of the specific cleaning requirements that are unique to your industry. For this reason the majority of our bar, pub and restaurant cleaning takes place out of hours or overnight – we can tailor our services to your individual request, frequency and circumstance.

Who Do We Offer Contract Cleaning to?

If you are a UK business owner there is a high chance that we can provide contract cleaning for your building, fill out our short questionnaire and we will get back to you with a no-obligation quote and/or a follow-up phone call. Alternatively, you can call 01925 599202.

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